Behrang Khalili

Behrang Khalili is an award-winning composer, pianist, and music educator residing in Coquitlam. He was a former lecturer at the Art University of Tehran and the Tehran Conservatory of Music for more than ten years. Moreover, he has been teaching Piano performance, Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, and Music Composition for over 16 years.

In 2007, he completed two certificate diplomas in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy from the Tehran Conservatory of Music. In 2009, he received a scholarship from the Art University of Tehran to continue his post-secondary education at the master’s level.

In 2013, Behrang won a composition award for one of his orchestral compositions named “Gray” at the 28th Fajr International Music Festival. 

Sarv Music Academy was founded by Behrang in 2015 to provide comprehensive and high-quality music education on various classical and traditional musical instruments and music composition to students of all ages and levels in Tehran.

During his teaching at the art university, he analyzed two well-tempered clavier books composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, and he wrote a journal article about the pitch organization in the Second Viennese School. Subsequently, in 2017, he has been developing the VCM grading system as a classified educational music method for classical and world instruments, improvisation, and music composition.

In 2019, he developed his unique compositional technic and new system in pitch organization with a combination of Neo-romantic music in the second half of the twenty century and traditional Iranian modal scales that is named Neo-Iranian music.

As an RCM-certified teacher, he has been utilizing a variety of piano methods for teaching piano based on a student’s goal, age, and character, such as RCM, VCM, ABRSM, and Suzuki for Piano performance, music theory, aural training, improvisation, and the principle of composition. He combines professional German and Russian techniques and modern teaching methods that make the music lesson fun and rewarding for children and young developing musicians.


  • Master of Music (Art University of Tehran)
  • Piano Performance Diploma (Tehran Conservatory of Music)
  • Piano Pedagogy Diploma (Tehran Conservatory of Music)
  • Master of Business Administration (University Canada West)
  • Bachelor of Accounting (Azerbaijan Institute of Management & Accounting)
President | Piano & Composition